Carol Hansen



Carol is a human person

She is also a backend software engineer with 7+ years of experience and a strong focus on knowledge sharing and best practices.

Carol currently works "closer to the metal" at SRAM LLC helping to build the future of electronic bike components. Previously, Carol was an engineer at Mapbox helping to make maps faster and friendlier while contributing to overall company culture.

Carol is allergic to harmful tech industry rhetoric. She's hungry for a longterm vision that concretely values inclusion, transparency and humanity.

More importantly, Carol enjoys playing guitar 🎸, biking 🚲, and food adventures 🍳. Originally from Chicago, she relies on large bodies of water to orient her, and feels fortunate to be exposed to Chicago's deep roots of community justice organizing, music, and an overflowing love for summer.

bloop bloop beep boop bleep 🤖

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